The Magpie Scribes

What is The Magpie Scribes? You may be asking yourself as you click on this link. Well … if you’re a writer or aspiring writer who is looking for guidance, then please click here or below to be taken to my separate blog for articles I will be writing on my experiences of both my writing and publishing journey. Here, I will be talking about how I character profile and why, why an editor is needed when you’re putting yourself out into the world of publishing, and why book covers are so important etc. It will delve deeply into my writing processes, and there will be useful links to other blogs and articles across the web that I’ve found useful in the past. So, if you’re writing and need some guidance at the different parts of the process, or you would just like to come along and share your own writing experiences, then please do so. Also, if you’re a writer, editor, publisher, cover designer, website creator, or one of the many other people who have careers that support the writing journey, then please get in touch. I would be more than pleased to feature you on the blog where you can also help and guide others. Welcome to the realm of the magpie ….