The Terra Vane Series

The Terra Vane series follows main protagonist Terra Vane who is an Enforcer Field Agent for the Portiside City Agency. She, along with her wolf shifter partner, Kaleb Cipher, is responsible for keeping the streets of Portiside City and the surrounding borders safe. 

After many years of torment from her strict grandparents, and abuse suffered in a psychiatric hospital, Terra is grateful for the opportunity to escape through a portal to a world that has existed alongside Earth for over 12,000 years. She has finally found her home in a place among supernaturals who we only know as myth.

When visions predicted the Great Flood all that time ago, all the species which existed back then, banded together to find a solution to either stop the flood or escape. After many futile attempts, they discovered a portal that led to desert land; something the specialists would eventually call 'a dimension pocket' that sat between worlds. Many of the races decided to migrate through the portal and make a home for themselves, a home that has evolved into a new world where the species co-exist side by side. 

Since being a part of Portiside from the age of sixteen, Terra may be on the bottom of the food chain in such a place, but at least she can be herself and use her psychic gifts without fear. There may still be prejudice against her because she isn't as strong or as fast as the animal-shifting agents who dominate the EFA role, but it's a prejudice she can live with after the one she had to put up with for so long in isolation. At least, in Portiside, she has family and friends who love her and a partner who watches her back. For Terra, there is no returning to her old life, even if on occasion she helps out her savior and mentor, Dan Vasquez, by going back to Earthside every now and again to assist on FBI cases. 
Terra loves her new home. Even if at times she has to fight for her right to be a part of it.