Terra Vane Series

Enforcer Field Agent Terra Vane from Portiside is a psychic who is trying to prove herself in a world where no one bats an eyelid at a vampire processing his taxes. Yep. A vampire. And that's not the only thing that resides in a dimension pocket through one of the portals cast upon Earth. Wizards, witches, fairies and shifters of all kinds hold a citizen badge in their civilized world, and Terra has the job of protecting them from the harsher dangers that can come from squashing so many different variants of beings together.

Solving cases won't only be Terra's challenge though. She's got a crush on her control shifter boss who is seriously off limits. Between that, and a case that's going to have her eye rolling so much she may as well get used to a view of the ceiling, she also has a lovable but annoying partner to deal with. See the gallery below for snippets of what to come and a teaser trailer to whet the appetite...


Book Two - DEATH BE CHARMED - Click here to find out more.

Book one - DEATH BE BLUE - Click here to go to purchase page.


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