Pre-Order for Death Be Charmed

The pre-order is now live for Death Be Charmed, book two in the Terra Vane series…

With a release date planned for January 2018, the ebook of Death Be Charmed can now be pre-ordered at the low introductory price that will hold for a limited time only.

Death Be Charmed continues with the story of Terra Vane, an Enforcer Field Agent for the PCA (Portiside City Agency), and the one and only psychic and human on the force.

After delving deep into a murky case of a mysterious drug and potential corruption in the Consilium, Terra and her partner Kaleb are faced with tracking down twelve very dangerous convicts who have escaped from Portiside prison.

Not only that, but with limited intel and a potential cover-up giving the escaped convicts time to go underground, Terra must agree to a plan that involves the vampires—and one vampire in particular. In this story, we get to meet Terra’s ex-boyfriend, Bernard Vostreux—a hunter for the vampires who’s willing to leave his comforts behind in Earthside to come over and help Terra hunt down the only escaped with VAMPIRE on his citizen badge.

Going undercover in Darkwood where the vampires live isn’t going to be easy. Not with the plan Bernard has in store for them both. But Terra has never been one to back away from the challenge when there is justice to be served. I really hope you enjoy this one!

Pre-order links are below or you can locate the book in Amazon stores. Death Be Blue is out now if you haven’t had the chance yet to dive into the supernatural world of Terra Vane. ( (

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