Prophecy Child Series Box Set

Prophecy Child Series Box Set



BOOKS ONE to FIVE - Prophecy Child Series Box Set

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IMPORTANT: The Prophecy Child Series is currently under construction to make it a better experience for the reader. These will be released over the course of the next six months and re-published on the platforms listed below. Thank you for your patience!

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Books included (full series):

LAWLESS (Book One): Macey Jennings has now retired from her slayer duties and is content in running her ‘open to all species’ nightclub and bounty hunting business. Happy sitting on the fence after years of being conflicted with some of the demons she has been forced to kill, she doesn’t expect a human of all people to come knocking at her door on the case of a missing girl.

“What goes on here that you keep it so secretive, Macey?” Harry asked, taking it all in. Everything seemed, well, normal.

Harry Sinclair is a private investigator who left the force when he lost someone dear to him. He’s been called on by his ex-police chief to find the chief’s missing daughter after his eldest was killed in suspicious circumstances. Following the trail to a nightclub with a difference, Harry doesn’t expect to have such a strong reaction to Macey—let alone the supernatural world she happily drags him into. With the clock ticking and a revealed prophecy that threatens to end them all, Macey and Harry need to do all they can to find the girl in time. Their worlds are colliding in more ways than one, and with a growing threat and Macey’s influential ex-boyfriend coming back on the scene, there’s going to be fireworks!

HUNTED (Book Two) - Someone is killing witches, and a dangerous artifact has gone missing...Macey Jennings is trying to get her head around the recent prophecy that has come to light, and she's now embroiled in a game of cat and mouse. Only this cat is a little more dangerous than one with fur, and wields something a lot more deadly than any of them ever could have imagined. Macey and Harry are getting to know each even more intimately, but with Macey's ex Lucifer stirring the pot, no one said any of this was going to be easy.

TAKEN (Book Three) - When Macey returns from a fight to the death (mainly hers), she is devastated to learn that two people who are important to her have been taken. It's up toMacey, Harry and the team to get together and use all of their combined skills to head off across country and get them back. But there's a clause. The kidnapper has another agenda, and Macey needs to put it all together before it's too late for all of them.

FALLEN (Book Four) - After outwitting the kidnapper and getting back those close to her, Macey is now lost to them while being kept in Lucifer's hold. The others need to work fast at trying to find a way to get Macey back before they lose her forever, and before the enemies scratching at their door finally break through. 

DARKEN (Book Five) - A two parter, Darken has been broken into Darken Ascension and Darken Descension. But both of them have one thing in a common...

...A battle...

Macey has known all along that it would come down to this. In order to defeat the enemy in the dark, they know that they need to gather forces from all over the supernatural world in order to come out on top and save the world. But it's going to take a lot for Macey to drop her pride and work with those who shunned her growing up. It's time for them all to push their prejudices aside, and join together to take on an enemy who will stop at nothing to break the veil and bring hell upon the earth.