Hunted (Prophecy Child Series, #2)

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HUNTED - Book Two in the Prophecy Child Series

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IMPORTANT: The Prophecy Child Series is currently under construction to make it a better experience for the reader. These will be released over the course of the next six months and re-published on the platforms listed below. Thank you for your patience!

Someone is killing witches, and a dangerous artifact has gone missing...

Macey Jennings is trying to get her head around the recent prophecy that has come to light, and she's now embroiled in a game of cat and mouse. Only this cat is a little more dangerous than one with fur, and wields something a lot more deadly than any of them ever could have imagined. Macey and Harry are getting to know each even more intimately, but with Macey's ex Lucifer stirring the pot, no one said any of this was going to be easy.    iBooks     Barnes & Noble  Kobo       

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What Readers are Saying about it:

"Amazing storytelling, the plot unravels in just the right amounts to inform and keep you gripped! Loved this and was entirely drawn into the world of Macey Jennings!" - Amazon Reviewer

"Such an amazing book cannot wait till book 3 comes out." - Amazon Reviewer