Far Far Away Series

The Far Far Away series is a set of books set in different kingdoms—you guessed it—that are far, far away. 

Each story can be read as stand-alone books, but characters will cross over and there will be a subtle timeline set in the background as time goes by. We start with a twisted story of Cinderella. One where we meet Rella Rosewood, a renegade hunter with pink hair, a foul mouth, and a liking for whiskey. Once a gentile lady, circumstances had her running for her life and being taken in by an inn-keeper who moonlighted in hunting down criminals for a bounty. With only her foster father and foster brother as role models to look up to, Rella's life has truly taken a different turn to the one she thought she would have had before her parents died. We meet Rella for the first time in Strike at Midnight. 

Other fairytales we know and love start to pop up in Rella's adventure. We meet the likes of Rapunzel and Melody (who likes to swim in the ocean most nights), Pinocchio has a small cameo, as does Lord Dumpty. And of course, the wonderful Prince Charming. Eventually, the likes of Rapunzel and Melody will be getting their own story as part of the series. As will some newbies such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Beauty from Beauty and the Beast. Each story will be told in their own way to match their personalities. Or a twisted version of them! Rella's story isn't for the faint-hearted for those who can't stand it when people drop the 'F' bomb. You might want to give Rella a wide-berth if that's the case. But she's a lovable rogue. One who definitely needs her own happy ending. And beneath the badassery is a woman who fights for justice, deeply cares for others, and who needs to understand that life isn't only a fight for survival. It's also about love. 



Rella Rosewood is a renegade hunter in the Kingdom of Carena. When she is hired by Sir Raymond to investigate the suspicious behavior of the Duke of York, it's time for Rella to reluctantly don a ballgown and her glass slippers to find out the truth. With a case that has more to it than meets the eye, and her own happy ever after hot on her heels, Rella has both her hands and her whiskey glass full. Click here to find out more and see the book trailer for Strike at Midnight.