In the FAR FAR AWAY series we see a new spin on the fairy tales we know and love. In book one, Strike at Midnight, join Rella Rosewood and friends on her journey as she takes on the case of the Duke of the York. She is in over her head as the case starts to unravel with a happy-ever-after hot on her heels, and she is beginning to realize that she can’t run away from her past forever.

During the series, there will be a twist on tales from the likes of Rapunzel, Briar Rose and few other faces along the way. They will be written as stand-alone novels as the main protagonist’s stories are concerned, but there will be character cross-overs against a timeline that progresses throughout the series.

Strike at Midnight introduces us to the Kingdom of Carena, a kingdom that is part of a larger world where the characters are scattered around, and often run into one another. From the underwater world of the mermaids to the Three Bears Traveling Fair, expect humor, painful childhoods and of course, a happy ever after!

Click here to read more about book one, STRIKE AT MIDNIGHT and see Cinderella (a.k.a Rella) as you’ve never seen her before…




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