Fallen (Prophecy Child Series, #4)

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FALLEN - Book Four in the Prophecy Child Series

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IMPORTANT: The Prophecy Child Series is currently under construction to make it a better experience for the reader. These will be released over the course of the next six months and re-published on the platforms listed below. Thank you for your patience!

After outwitting the kidnapper and getting back those close to her, Macey is now lost to them while being kept in Lucifer's hold. The others need to work fast at trying to find a way to get Macey back before they lose her forever, and before the enemies scratching at their door finally break through.

Lucifer Knight has been trying to return to Macey's good graces for a while. But as soon as he stops her soul from crossing over, he finds himself being thrown into an unknown world of Macey. He is discovering more and more about the girl he once loved, but he also knows time is of the essence. He is aware that if they don't get her back to her own body quickly enough, he won't have any other choice but to cross her over—and this time, there will be no coming back…

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"I would wholeheartedly recommend this series and this book to all who enjoy supernatural stories." - Amazon Reviewer

"Action, adventure, drama and romance all told in a gripping other worldly plot that has kept me second guessing the story and character motives throughout." - Amazon Reviewer