Death Be Told

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DEATH BE TOLD - Book Five in the Terra Vane Series 

Once upon a time, your ending has come, your happy ever after, is soon to be gone.

Four escaped prisoners down. Eight to go. And Terra and the Interside Enforcement Team are still reeling from facing off with the djinn and losing one of their own.

If that's not enough, Terra is getting visions of a serial killer who is hunting his victims after likening them to a fairytale. Determined not to give them their happy ending, The Bard hones in on rewriting his victim's stories, and somehow, Terra connects to the tale after visiting one of the crime scenes previously with Special Agent Noah Grady of the FBI.

As things unfold, she is ordered to team up with Grady while they hunt the killer down, but Terra has caught The Bard's attention. He has made her his muse, his Musa, and sees her as his Little Mermaid.

If that wasn't enough, Terra has a few personal problems to deal with, including her feelings about her best friend and partner, Kaleb. Things are spiraling out of control, and her heart can't catch up.