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Now DEATH BE TOLD book five in the Terra Vane series is with the beta readers, I’m experiencing my usual transition from being completely absorbed by a story, and having time to catch up on all my administrative duties. In other words, I miss the fantasy.



So, to honor six weeks of dedication, neglecting housework, looking as if I have only one set of clothes, I’ve decided to share the top ten songs from my Death Be Told playlist with you, so you can see where a lot of the inspiration came from and maybe you can enjoy a song or two.


Counting down from ten to my ultimate favorite at number one, let us begin:


10 – Panda (Luca Lush Remix) by Desiigner


I heard this song while watching the new Baywatch movie, and there is something so badass about this song—a song that deserves the slow-mo walk group entrance—and I had to have it on my playlist. Whenever it came on while writing, tingles would flow through me, and I felt like I could take on the world. So, of course, it had to bleed into my story and my characters.
Just imagine, Terra in the front, walking in slow motion with her leather jacket, shades on, Kaleb by her side walking his sexy-ass self along, Bernard the other side of her, Mayra and the others behind them, then what would be fantastic, is Terra making a Monsters Inc blooper move and tripping over in slow motion. Now that, I would watch …


9 – Weight by Lee DeWyze


I discovered this song while watching Siren, and it tends to follow me from playlist to playlist. The lyrics are beautiful. The voice of Lee DeWyze is hypnotizing, and the music sets a mood of contemplation that is open to interpretation. It is the reason for many scenes in not only Death Be Told, but also its predecessors.


8 – Take Your Place by CID & VINNE


Not only does this song make me crave for days of alcohol, glad rags and getting crushed in a club while breaking out the dance moves (I’d last only five minutes now, but it would be an AWESOME five minutes!!), but it also puts some energy into my writing. This song creates more upbeat energy to the playlist to keep me sane and out of the sphere of melancholy, and it plays well with the lighter scenes in the story.


7 – Shutter Island by Jessie Reyez


Jessie Reyez’s voice is insane. I love it. And I love the quirkiness of the song. There is an edge to it, but it also creates the perfect atmosphere for a bunch of supernaturals trying to fit in with the unwitting humans. It makes the words flow, and it also triggers Terra’s darker side.


6 –  Thunderclouds by Sia, Diplo & Labrinth



Put Sia and Labrinth together, and you’re always going to get magic, so it goes to show that their song should feature on a playlist for a story where magic is featured. There is also part of this song that brings a beautiful, understated, sophisticated scene of two faceless people to mind, dancing slow, movements, subtle, inviting, with the odd quickened steps with no words exchanged between them. I see the woman in a long red dress, the man wearing a suit with his jacket gone, bowtie hanging loosely around his neck, and the top few of his buttons popped open. I may have to feature this somewhere in the future!


5 – High Hopes by Panic at the Disco


This song was a late addition to the list and one that became a fast favorite. It makes me want to dance every time it comes on—which may be a hindrance more than a help—but it gives me the pick me up I need to keep going. It also boosts Terra and kicks her out of her pity party and guilt trips, so this song is a must!


4 – Flight in G Minor (feat. Dirty Cello) by Amp Live


This song is an excellent example of what happens when genres are mashed-up. When the bass kicks in, it turns into the ultimate badass song. I first heard it on Cloak and Dagger (hanging on for Season 2 by the way), and I had to have it on the playlist. It’s at times like this I would like to shake hands with the people who come up with songs for the soundtrack on shows such as this one. This song sets the tone for fight scenes, finding your inner strength, and it’s the perfect song for inspiring your creativity.


3 – Ashes by Claire Guerreso


This song is a Terra Vane series song, not necessarily a song for the playlist of a specific book. I first heard this on the finale of Lucifer, and the final scenes of that show were so hauntingly beautiful, and I believe one of the reasons for that was this song. It took me a few listens to hear it without tears rolling down my face, but now it comes with me everywhere in regards to playlists. So beautiful. So inspiring. And I still get goosebumps now when I hear it. The scenes that this compliments when writing are endless.


2 – Gangsta’s Paradise by 2WEI


I loved the original of this song when I was—cough cough—eight maybe? Okay, okay, maybe when I was in my teens. But when I heard this version, my skin went cold, and my imagination went crazy. This song not only inspired me while writing Death Be Told, but it is also the reason for the finale of the series. If only I could transpose the images of my head into an epic movie trailer, this music would be perfect!!!


1 – An Evening I will not Forget / Furthest Thing by Dermot Kennedy


This song has to be number one. It just has to. At first, you think okay, yeah, I like it. It gets me thinking. But when it begins to shift around 1:35, you start to feel the brewing tension. It’s a song, that at this point, makes you wonder where it’s going, but oh boy, when it gets to 2:05 you realize you’re on a beautiful rollercoaster of emotion, and, if you’re anything like me, your imagination will grip onto it with two hands. Every time this song comes on, I freeze. My emotions take over as they sit back and watch my imagination play it all out, and the scene borne from it—albeit not included in Death Be Told—is one that is both upsetting, yet powerful and beautiful. I only hope I can do it justice when the time comes in book six (for when the scene is planned). Until then though, it stays on this playlist, and I have to have it as my number one.


So, there you go! Thanks for sticking with it if you’ve got this far. I don’t listen to this kind of music outside of writing because it’s too dangerous. It gets its hook into my imagination, and I’m a goner. Off into fantasy land where the stories are born.
I hope you enjoyed it! And I hope you’re enjoying the Terra Vane series so far. If you’ve not yet taken a look, you can check out the trailers and additional information here.
Have a great day! I hope you’re now inspired to create your own magic.

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