Death Be Raven

Death Be Raven (Terra Vane #3)


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DEATH BE RAVEN - Book Three in the Terra Vane Series 

Escaped prisoners. A black feather. A new crime scene.

Following an undercover operation with the Darkwood Vampires, Agent Terra Vane has little time to rest before being thrown straight back into the middle of a new case involving an escaped prisoner and a mysterious black feather. There’s more to this case than meets the eye as the dead bodies keep piling up and a connection to Portis Forward labs is discovered.
Venturing deep into the Fey Lands, Terra and her partners must piece together the puzzle and stop the dead bodies from piling up before it’s too late.

The fate of two worlds may very well depend on it. 

What readers are saying about it:

"..This is a solid series with an interesting and unique world..."

"Love this series! I can’t get enough of Terra, Kaleb, and the rest of Portside. Lots of action, mystery, and romance kept me turning the pages. Quickly! And yes, still Team Kaleb all the way!"