Death Be Charmed

Death Be Charmed (Terra Vane #2)
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DEATH BE CHARMED - Book Two in the Terra Vane Series

A seemingly black and white case resulting in red tape, secrets, and attempted murder …

And that was only yesterday. Now, Enforcer Field Agent Terra Vane and her partner Kaleb suddenly find themselves embroiled in a race against time to track down twelve malicious convicts who have escaped from Portiside prison. Their dangerous quest for answers leads Terra straight into Darkwood, a shady place entrenched in ruthless power struggles and secrets as dark as its name. And some vampire residents are guarding their own secrets. Terra knows this all too well when she is coerced into a daring plan that could save Portiside at the risk of jeopardizing her own complicated love life. With each secret she unearths, the stakes become higher than she could have ever imagined.
Perhaps some secrets are better left buried.

What readers are saying about it:

"This is one of those series that gets better with each installment. Terra is back and kicking butt while searching for missing prisoners. I’m really hooked now. And for the record, Team Kaleb!"

"...The division of the realm, each community having distinct attributes, the way the enforcement agents solve the mysteries, makes you want to read more and more."