Death Be Burned Out Now

Death Be Burned, book four in the Terra Vane series is now on sale. The paperback is due for release shortly, but for now, you can purchase the ebook via your local Amazon store or by clicking here.

(Note: Mild spoilers ahead)

Death Be Burned sees Terra facing off with another escaped prisoner, this time a djinn who is creating havoc by setting fires in Seattle. Innocent people are being caught in the crossfire, and Terra and the Interside Enforcement Team (IET) need to find the djinn before more the devastation increases. Not only that, Terra is having some serious relationship issues. Her heart is being turned in a different direction as more obstacles appear in the path of her and Cole, and she knows, deep down, she needs to make a decision. But to what end?

As the djinn continues on his deadly path of vengeance, Terra doesn’t only have to deal with leading the IET, evolving powers, and feelings being stirred up for her partner, but she also crosses paths with Special Agent Noah Grady of the FBI. A serial killer is on the loose, and Terra inadvertently becomes involved. Not only that, a loss hovers in their future and one that will change the IET forever.

Know that there will be a resolution in the next book, Death Be Told regarding some of Terra’s relationship woes, but she needs to realize a few things first. I also feel like shaking her a little and saying ‘Get your shiz together,’ but I refrain because I get it. I understand her feelings and her fears, but fear not! Death Be Told is going to turn the tide, yet again, in many ways!

Death Be Burned takes us through the portal for the first time, seeing how Terra behaves in her old city, and how she handles keeping the humans ignorant to both the djinn, and the members of her team. We get to visit the FBI offices and see how Terra interacts with the agency, and how ignorance isn’t only for those in Portiside. There is also another foe brewing in the background …

In addition to the release of Death Be Burned, there is also another short story available as part of the Portiside Diaries. These shorts compliment the Terra Vane series and are available to download for free when you subscribe to my newsletter. The new addition is called DIARY OF A DJINN and told from the perspective of Daha Mishnal; the djinn featured in Death Be Burned.

So, if you haven’t had the chance to check out the Terra Vane series, then firstly, where’ve you been? Secondly, if you want to, you can do so by clicking here to check out the trailers and the like to see if it gets your urban fantasy juices flowing (gross, yeah I know).

If you’ve already read Death Be Burned, then I do hope you enjoyed it. There is so much more to come—my 90k word limit is killing me—but at least it keeps the fire burning (get it?), and we get to have more of Terra and the gang.
Have a great day all!

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