DEATH BE BURNED – Cover & Trailer Release

For the those of you who follow me on social networks, or if you’ve signed up to the newsletter, then you’ve probably already seen the book cover for book 4 in the Terra Vane series, DEATH BE BURNED. If you haven’t seen it however, here it is:

And if that’s not all, the trailer is now available to view, too! … Seriously, I’m on fire! (Couldn’t resist 😉) … here it is:


But what is it all about, I hear you cry! Well don’t worry, I’ve finally got the book blurb down with help from some great people. So let me throw this one at ya! … Get ready to catch!


When the fire burns, many will die, and it’s up to the IET to stop the arson attacks before it’s too late.

When a fire-wielding djinn escapes through the portal from the world of Portiside and wreaks havoc on Seattle, it’s up to the human psychic Agent Terra Vane and the IET—Interside Enforcement Team—to track him down before the body count rises even further.

Not only are the team limited by the lack of leads coming through, but operating under the radar makes the case even more difficult.

The humans have no knowledge of the vampire, shifters, demon and fairy among them, and it’s up to Terra to make sure they never do. At least, not on her watch.

As they face the djinn’s brewing thirst for revenge, Terra and the team must pull together with all the resources they have to hand and find him before it’s too late.

The fire is burning, and death is only the beginning.

So, when will Death Be Burned be released? On that, I’ve still got some work to do—yeah, I know, I bragged too early—but I will be letting you know very soon. I do plan for the pre-order for the book to become available at the end of July though, and I aim to sell it at a lower price during the pre-order time period all being well, so I’ll keep you posted!

This one is going to be a game-changer for Terra and the gang. I cannot WAIT to share this one with you!

Have a great day!


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