When Characters Come to Life …

When Characters Come to Life …

Okay … not necessarily when characters come to life as in life, life, but when some characteristics, or traits can be seen in a real and living person.

When this happens, you’ve got to admit, it’s pretty cool. And it’s even more cool, when that person is related to you.

So, imagine my surprise, when my gorgeous and very talented niece turns up on my doorstep for a coffee and a catch up, and her hair is now freaking black and dip dyed purple on the ends. I kind of screeched and shouted “Terra Vane!” and bless her—she gets me—strolls on through as if her aunt hasn’t lost her mind—and lets me take a few pics!

What then came out of my mouth after not seeing her for a while, wasn’t take a seat, or, do you want a coffee, but it was a very excitable, “Can I blog this!!!!” … She’s a fellow Piscean who walks her own path and who is a huge inspiration to me, so of course, she said ‘yes’ without batting an eyelid. Thanks Faye!!

It made me think though. It’s not often when I see people who resemble characters from my book—or even remind me of them. I don’t tend to people-watch then put those people in my stories. The characters tend to form and spiral out of my imagination. So when I see character-like people in the real world and not in fiction, I fan-girl internally to the point where I’m ready to combust! I actually stalked someone once. Round a supermarket. Just for a few aisles. But then I had to let it go before I got arrested. Or worse—noticed by the person. He looked like he’d just walked out of one of my books and I was like “Whoooa…” It was an amazing feeling. And it’s even more amazing when I have people contact me to say that they’ve seen someone in real-life who resembles a character from one of my books. Then it’s: “Aaaaaah!” *Screaming while clapping hands and jumping up and down like I mean it*

This is what I think the drive is for a lot of authors to see their books either on the big screen or on TV. To see your characters come to life in front of you must be such a rush. I know I would be crying, like, every second. With happiness, of course.

Now, while I’m waiting for the fairies to get their shit together and come open the door for me to step through into their magical realm for real, seeing flickers of these characters in others makes my day. I love it.

So thank you Faye. And thank you stranger who I followed in the supermarket. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of the world that was born from my imagination. Or a past life. Who knows. We’ve got to keep an open mind, haven’t we!

Have a great day all, keep an eye out for the magic.

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