Strike at Midnight

Cinderella as you've never known her before...

Part of the Far Far Away series:
  • Strike at Midnight

Anything can happen in a fairytale...

Rella Rosewood is a Renegade Hunter with pale pink hair and a foul mouth who lives in Lower City, in the Kingdom of Carena. She will pretty much do anything to get her pay day—within some form of reason—even if it means donning a ball gown and glass slippers to go undercover.

When Sir Raymond, Knight of the First Order decides to hire Rella to see if the Duke of York is indeed, an imposter, she crashes the ball hosted by the King of Carena and his son, Prince Andrew. Or as many of the ladies like to call him, Prince Charming.

With interfering do-gooders and a case that has a lot more to it than meets the eye, Rella is about to understand that a case of stolen identity isn’t her only issue. She’s also learning that the happy ever after she craves won’t be found at the bottom of a whiskey bottle, but in a place she would never have thought possible.



Cover Artists:

“Every time I tried to move in this stupid gown I wore, it made my insides get up close and personal.
It was a beautiful dress—I had to give the dressmaker that—but it was also a machination of terror.
The pale blue diamanté-finished gown had impressed even me when I went to pick it up, but now I know that that had been its way of reeling me in, like a predator to its prey.
The taffeta stuffed underneath the skirt had started to scratch at my legs like a hundred kittens the longer I wore it, and it made me look like a puppet when I walked. It didn’t help that I had a sheathed dagger tucked into my stocking suspenders, but that was no excuse.
Why women subjected themselves to such masochism on a regular basis, I would never know. And if one more male—supposed to be a damn gentleman—stared at my cleavage, all hell was going to break loose.

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