Hi. I’m Katie. I’m an author of urban fantasy, fantasy and paranormal romance, and I guess the tagline in my logo kind of defines me: “Storyteller, Book Lover, Magic Believer.”

STORYTELLER: Storytelling is my passion. I have been writing stories ever since the day I realized I could bring my imagination to life. However, it was during an early onset of a mid-life crisis when I realized it could no longer remain a hobby—it was time to realize my dream.

BOOK LOVER: I absolutely love reading, anything from paranormal, historical, and fantasy, to thrillers and fast-paced action. However, across all genres, I love a bit of edgy romance thrown in. I have a serious book addiction, and my husband was ecstatic when e-books became my new best friend. We can actually move around the house now without tripping over one paperback or another. 

MAGIC BELIEVER: To explain the last part, I am a magic believer and I believe in what some might call the impossible. I love to just let my mind go and open it to see into some beautiful worlds. I enjoy connecting with all things spiritual and seeing how deep the truths go to what many would only call the mythical. A favourite quote of mine:

“We all have a writer’s soul; to look out of the windows and dare to open the door to the amazing. It doesn’t have to be the written word that takes you there, only the will to let your soul speak.”

To sum me up, I’m unique but I can behave on occasion. I have a husband who grounds me, two amazing children who inspire me, and some great friends and family who love me regardless of my crazy.

I write in American-English because, to be honest, that’s how my brain is used to reading and I personally prefer the pacing. So please excuse the mash-up that may occur on occasion on my website between American/British-English. I think my heart loves a little bit of both 💕

Hopefully, you will enjoy stepping into my world, and if you don’t? Well, all I can say is, just give me time. I’ll pull you in eventually…