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DEATH BE TOLD (Book Five - Terra Vane Series)

After receiving a letter from a human serial killer who calls himself The Bard, Enforcer Field Agent Terra Vane is ordered to temporarily step down as the leader of the Interside Enforcement Team to assist with the case. For some reason, The Bard has made Terra his muse, and he is becoming more bold when sending her letters, likening her to his siren, his Little Mermaid. Not only that, her love life is a mess, and it’s time for her to confess her feelings to the one she wants to be with—even if it means facing her fears head on.Click here to read more.

DEATH BE BURNED (Book Four - Terra Vane Series)

After the devastation left behind by the escaped prisoners, Terra is now part of a temporary force called the IET - Interside Enforcement Team. In fact, she's the one who her boss has chosen to lead it, and part of her remit is picking her own team to go over to Earthside—but with one catch. Every faction of their world must be represented, meaning Terra is to be responsible for an eclectic group of supernaturals who must be able to operate alongside the ignorant humans, and to seek out those who wish to destroy them. Click here to read more.

DEATH BE RAVEN (Book Three - Terra Vane Series)

After an eventful undercover operation at Darkwood where the vampires live, Terra and Kaleb are summoned to a crime scene where a mysterious feather has been found. The bodies are piling up, and they need to dig deeper to find out who is behind the killings before it's too late. A trek into the Fey Lands takes them of track as they try to learn more about a link to Immigration Control, and here, we get to see more about the world of Portiside. Click here to read more.

DEATH BE CHARMED  (Book Two - Terra Vane Series)

Enforcer Field Agent Terra Vane has a problem. Alongside her partner, Kaleb, they have recently discovered that the last case they were on was a distraction for something greater. Now they’re on the chase of twelve very dangerous citizens of Portiside who have escaped Portiside Prison. A vampire, a reptile shifter and corrupt elf lord are but a few of those who have escaped, and it’s up to Terra and Kaleb to track them down before the murderers among them start killing again.  Click here to read more.

DEATH BE BLUE  (Book One - Terra Vane Series)

Enforcer Field Agent Terra Vane is a human psychic who is trying to prove herself in a world where no one bats an eyelid at a vampire processing his taxes. Yep. A vampire. And that's not the only thing that resides in a dimension pocket through one of the portals cast upon Earth. Solving cases won't only be Terra's challenge though. She's also got a crush on her control shifter boss who is seriously off limits, and a cute partner who truly tests her patience. Click here to read more.


Rella Rosewood is a renegade hunter in the Kingdom of Carena. When she is hired by Sir Raymond to investigate the suspicious behavior of the Duke of York, it's time for Rella to reluctantly don a ballgown and her glass slippers to find out the truth. With a case that has more to it than meets the eye, and her own happy ever after hot on her heels, Rella has both her hands and her whiskey glass full. Click here to read more.