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Enforcer Field Agent Terra Vane has a problem. Alongside her partner, Kaleb, they have recently discovered that the last case they were on was a distraction for something greater. Now they’re on the chase of twelve very dangerous citizens of Portiside who have escaped Portiside Prison. A vampire, a reptile shifter and corrupt elf lord are but a few of those who have escaped, and it’s up to Terra and Kaleb to track them down before the murderers among them start killing again.  Click here to read more.



Enforcer Field Agent Terra Vane is a human psychic who is trying to prove herself in a world where no one bats an eyelid at a vampire processing his taxes. Yep. A vampire. And that's not the only thing that resides in a dimension pocket through one of the portals cast upon Earth. Wizards, witches, fairies, and shifters of all kinds hold a citizen badge in Portiside, and Terra has the job of protecting them from the most dangerous of criminals.  Solving cases won't only be Terra's challenge though. She's also got a crush on her control shifter boss who is seriously off limits, and a cute partner who truly tests her patience. Click here to read more.



Rella Rosewood is a renegade hunter in the Kingdom of Carena. When she is hired by Sir Raymond to investigate the suspicious behavior of the Duke of York, it's time for Rella to reluctantly don a ballgown and her glass slippers to find out the truth. With a case that has more to it than meets the eye, and her own happy ever after hot on her heels, Rella has both her hands and her whiskey glass full. Click here to read more.


DARKEN (Book 5 - Conclusion to the Prophecy Child Series)

A battle. Macey has known all along that it would come down to this. In order to defeat the enemy in the dark, they know that they need to gather forces from all over the supernatural world in order to come out on top and save the world. But it's going to take a lot for Macey to drop her pride and work with those who shunned her growing up. It's time for them all to push their prejudices aside and join together to take on an enemy, who will stop at nothing to break the veil and bring hell upon the earth. Click here to read more.


FALLEN (Book 4 - Prophecy Child Series)

After outwitting the kidnapper and getting back those close to her, Macey is now lost to them while being kept in Lucifer's hold. The others need to work fast at trying to find a way to get Macey back before they lose her forever, and before the enemies scratching at their door finally break through. Click here to read more.


TAKEN (Book 3 - Prophecy Child Series)

When Macey returns from a fight to the death (mainly hers), she is devastated to learn that two people who are important to her have been taken. It's up to Macey, Harry, and the team to get together and use all of their combined skills to head off across the country and get them back. But there's a clause. The kidnapper has another agenda, and Macey needs to put it all together before it's too late for all of them. Click here to read more.


HUNTED (Book 2 - Prophecy Child Series)

Macey Jennings is trying to get her head around the recent prophecy that has come to light, and she's now embroiled in a game of cat and mouse. Only this cat is a little more dangerous than one with fur, and wields something a lot more deadly than any of them ever could have imagined. Macey and Harry are getting to know each even more intimately, but with Macey's ex Lucifer stirring the pot, no one said any of this was going to be easy. Click here to read more.


LAWLESS (Book 1 - Prophecy Child Series)

Macey Jennings has now retired from her slayer duties and is content in running her ‘open to all species’ nightclub and bounty hunting business. Happy sitting on the fence after years of being conflicted with some of the demons she has been forced to kill, she doesn’t expect a human of all people to come knocking at her door on the case of a missing girl. Click here to read more.

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