7th November, 2017 

DEATH BE CHARMED - Book Two in the Terra Vane Series

Here is a little bit of good news regarding an update on book two in the Terra Vane series. Death Be Charmed is where Terra Vane will be taking on the vampires. And an ex-boyfriend—who is also a vampire, may I add—gets to come and play the game as an undercover operation in Darkwood (the place where the vampires live) may be the only way to go.

The cover will be revealed at the beginning of December, and although it's not officially been confirmed as of yet, I'm hoping for a release date around the 13th January. If I can, I will also notify you of the chance to pre-order Death Be Charmed at its usual introductory low price as soon as possible before its release. I can't wait for you to meet Bernard Vostreux.

In Death Be Blue, you only got a small taste of what Portiside is like, so I'm hoping as we take you deeper in the world only a portal away, you get to see more! More news to follow so keep checking in to see what's happening. Also, if you get a chance, please check out the Terra Vane page where a revised version of the Map of Portiside is available to view. This will keep growing as the series goes on, so keep a lookout for the most up to date version.


7th November, 2017 

DIARY OF A VAMPIRE - The Portiside Diaries

When you subscribe to my newsletter, you will get an email with a download link to a free short story titled: Diary of a Vampire. This is the first in a collection of short stories told from the different citizens of Portiside, and each story will tie in somewhere with the Terra Vane novels.

Not only are the short stories written as a diary, logging the day to day lives to give you an insight into how that particular species lives and breathes, but a little bit of intrigue and action are also thrown in that will relate to their background—or their part to play—in Terra's world. In Diary of a Vampire we get to meet Vienna, a Governess in the world of the vampires who live in Darkwood. We get to understand a tragedy that happened in Vienna's past, and we get to meet Vienna who will eventually cross paths with Terra in Death Be Charmed.

Other short stories will follow in due course, and I intend to make them public once I have a few to bunch together. But until then, subscribe to the newsletter to get your free download link to the short story, today. 



7th November, 2017 

DEATH BE BLUE - Book One of the Terra Vane Series Released

Welcome to the Terra Vane series where you get to meet Terra Vane, an Enforcer Field Agent for the PCA (Portiside City Agency). Having lived in Portiside since she stepped through a portal at the age of 16, Terra just about fits in with the many different species who make up the species of this new world. Being human kind of goes against her, but being psychic raises her up a few notches. She's the only human field agent and one who is partnered up with the bosses' younger brother—a wolf shifter called Kaleb who has no filter on his mouth. Especially where the female of the species is concerned. 

In Death Be Blue, a new case crosses Terra's and Kaleb's path, and this one isn't as simple as chasing down the bad guy. They're prodding at something bigger, something that may go higher than they think. And they need to work fast to unravel the mystery before more trouble hits the fan. Trouble that's a hell of a lot closer than they think. 

Check out the Terra Vane page where you can view more information about Portiside. You can also check it out to view the book trailers and other things relative to Terra's world.